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Penance RPG

Jul 20, 2019

Welcome to Crime Scene Investigation: Total Party Kill!

For this Pilot Episode Matt invited AJ, Amy and Lexa to be the Guinea Pigs, So we give them a scene, they get to ask questions about it before each guest in turn tell us all what really happened here.

From the Mind of Matt Everett (with some strange assistance by Nikoli Pupzki) we bring you, your new Favourite podcast - CSI: TPK!

If you enjoyed this show, tell us! we'd love the idea of making more but we need to know that the concept is good enough to start arranging guests!

Where Can i Find more from the Cast?
You Can Hear More From AJ at "Pretending With Dice"

Lexa at "The Dead horse Podcast"

Amy Can Be Found @am_quizitor  on Twitter
Matt is Also on Twitter at @EmJayEe

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All Music Was Written & Performed by Daniel Boström

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