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Penance RPG

Oct 8, 2019

Welcome Back Once more for our Halloween Series. As many will Remember from last year, we wrote a Tale, based on our love of horror and Storytelling, and opened it up to any and all brave enough to take up this quest...

This year we recorded 13 Episodes in a new and different format whereby choice was far more free ranging and each tale would potentially see different aspects from those who walked the path before.

So let us Open our Dungeon, And Begin this Tale of a Guild Master Concerned

That one of his Best Beast hunters, Has Mysteriously not Returned...

Tonight We bring you – Episode 04 - Mystery Fantasy Dungeon 9000 (MFD9k)

MFD9k is a Multi edition D20 tabletop Podcast



Editor’s Note: since we were recording different groups via discord - who had various degrees of experience with recording online - the audio quality may vary Player to player. We did our best to minimise this difference but sometimes it was beyond our control.

Editor's Note - Additional: This was the first Non-testing episode. Some story details and the NPC voices were not as consistently nailed down as they became by the end of these recordings.

Also This Episode was Mostly Edited by Dragon

Penance RPG is part of #ALLTHEHORROR 2019, A Month-long online Horror Convention. More Details can be found here

All Music Was Written & Performed by Daniel Boström

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