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Penance RPG

Sep 8, 2018

Our Second Convention as a podcast, What did we think? 
Overall Really good, a few small niggles but for its first year it was very well done.

So lets quickly run through everything and what we honestly thought of it including all the games we got to try, the seminars we attended and where we think there could be room to improve for next year!



Games Talked about

Yogi, Wibbell ++ - Stuff by Bez

Elemenz - Jason McLean Jones, Badcat Games

Dice Summoners -Decking Awesome Games

Ka-Zing - Redwell Games


Meeple Like Us
Bezrooz ‘Bez’ Shariri (Stuff by Bez)
Redwell Games
Decking Awesome Games
Unlucky Frog Podcast
Genki Gear
The Crafting Jones
Tabletop Crafter 
West End Games 
Badcat Games