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Penance RPG

Jun 23, 2018

A Source of Magic, Deep under the Earth
A Treacherous Elf seeks his Noble Rebirth

This Week the Party Investigate a Strange Magical Power Source...


How Will Tensho Cope in his new Heavyweight Body?
Will Mr. Bobbins Find something Useful in the Long Grass?
We Ask again, Is it a Tiger, or not a Tiger?
How Will Ora Cope being submerged in Goo?
Can Stilgar Survive the Creatures that Lurk underground?
Can Belry Finally Get Revenge on Toby?
Will The Nameless Rogue do what has to be Done?
and Will Cap'n Ash succeed in leaving it all behind?

Also this week - Fate continues to Shine on Belry, Secrets about Lobrenna are Revealed & Bugs are Discussed.


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