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Penance RPG

Jul 15, 2018

Born from A Tragedy, This Group Have Met
With Paranoia Ever Present, Can they Unravel the True Hidden Threat..

Welcome to Episode 1 of a New Mini Series.

We Present to you Belry's first Written Adaptation,
The Call of Penance RPG - an Adaptation of Call of Cthulu

We Must Stress at this point Belry's Attempts to Do any kind of accent is sometimes truly Terrible. We Are Painfully Aware. 

The Cast:
GM - Belry
Adrian Zilbare (a Doctor) - Nikoli
Tilly White (a Journalist) - Dragon
Snide McBride (a Thief) - Daniel
Penelope Pendleton (A journalist) - Ash
Victor (a French Mechanic) - Jon
Walter Gabe (a PI) - Graham


All Music Was Written & Performed by Daniel Boström

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