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Penance RPG

Nov 25, 2017

A tragic tale, a somber tone...
The foretelling of a future, but... carved in stone?

A dark opener for a story-rich season which begins with a tale of life, death, trust in what lies beyond and of course, berries.

This week sees the start of season four continuing the tale of lost souls, as they escape across the seas...

Nov 18, 2017

It shudders and shakes; the mountain falls...
Calling the end, for now, to these dungeon crawls...

In the finale of Season 3, the party are rushing to escape the collapsing mountain!
What could be the best way down?
Do they have time to free the slaves?
Does Belry end up blind?
Will they retrieve the mighty...

Nov 10, 2017

A being of old; a collector of power...
This land may fall at the eleventh hour...

This week the party continue to ascend up the inside of the mountain.
What lurks ahead of them?
How will they get past the guards?
Where did all these slaves come from?
For what dastardly machine are the slaves imprisoned?
Why does that...

Nov 2, 2017

What sights to see, and more to go..
Of blood, and death, and hooves in the snow..

This week, the party are called to help defend a mountain stronghold.
But where is the garrison they were sent to help?
Why is their guide taking his time in following?
What is lurking beneath the floorboards?
How come it all seems...