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Penance RPG

Apr 24, 2022

Introducing our newest adventure: Dark Tide is a reimagining of the world of Dragon Age
What would have happened if the game chose a different path??
How would life be for those left behind when the Deep Roads closed?
This is our first streamed non-DnD TTRPG game, watch on Sunday 2.30pm BST at

Apr 17, 2022

Happy Easter lovelies! 
Dark Tide should begin being released as podcast episodes next week

Born from our love of Descent 2.0 and hack’n’slash adventures, we bring you something fast paced in both story and combat.

Although this introduction episode seems on the tame side, do not worry. The groove between players...

Apr 10, 2022

The water lies still... The tale is finally at it's conclusion... 

This week is a mashup of all the remaining mic checks, outtakes & lost tangents. 

Also we finally let you all hear the lullaby Dragon wrote for T'riss to sing to Stuhl!

This will be the final episode of the Abyss series.

Thank you for listening. We...

Apr 3, 2022

Our final push, the end is in sight!
Can our brave Fungloi make it out?

A mysterious room might provide the final clue for escape! Will they evade Ty'Ari and her plots?

Featuring content from Endless Realms by Lunar Games available through Drive Thru RPG 

Content Warning
Strong fantasy horror with existential dread and...