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Penance RPG

Feb 6, 2022

Where did they go? What did they do?
Now they have been given their freedom anew


NB: Fungloi Fight For Freedom will return next week and be released fortnightly

The silence breaks, the tale continues....

This week, what became of the party following their escape from the UnderDark...

The Cast:
Dragon as "T'riss Nitra" (a drow)
Shiraz as "Ishidoro" (a dragonborn)
Susie Q as "Thirteen" (a goblin)
Tauno as "Rasthikos Thyreon" (a human)
Wednesday Le Fey as "Desolation" aka. "Layla" (a tiefling) 

And Nikoli as your Storyteller.

Hear more from Wednesday as part of the Dum Dum Die Cast at:

Shiraz can be found on Twitter & IG as @DiceDeedsArt

Find more from Dragon & Nikoli right here

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