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Penance RPG

May 30, 2021

Another Hiatus Hit from the world of Lumis, one of the Endless Realms

In a strange place, known as the Endless Realms, the boundaries and divisions between worlds grows thin. Many peoples and creatures here meld and create new ecosystems - but now a group of adventurers and mercenaries have appeared on Lumis, at the centre of these blendings. 

Yet here, they face many new dangers. New creatures. New foes. Possibly even some new friends. If they survive long enough to meet them, of course...

 Black image with white text over a red glow reading "Endless Realms. Hiatus Hit". Below is a red, white and black Penance RPG logo of a ship's wheel containing a windrose and a twenty sided die.

A bestiary episode, hosted and edited by Dragon with inspiration and creatures from the Endless Realms RPG Creature Compendium by Lunar Games Inc. You can find it on DriveThru RPG or on Amazon. Some aspects were altered and adapted to allow the blend of a d20 homebrew system with the published material.


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