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Penance RPG

May 23, 2021

Possibly Dragon's favourite Hiatus Hit, we have a new mini-series of Endless Realms recorded and waiting to be edited. In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic one-shot!
This week, we bring you a one-shot DM'd by Sherman from Endless Realms

(Mild Warning: This episode is tweeked slightly louder than usual, If you adjust to Belry at the start it should be fine from there on)

The Cast:
Dragon as Kikuchi Chie, a Wandering Shrine Keeper
Belry as He'Talm II, an Almiren Dandy
Ash as Seleka Merot, a Kalamir ice Elementalist
Daniel as Tiny Willow, A Veteran Yakashi Warden
and Nikoli as Noam Faraday, a Skidi Warden

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