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Penance RPG

Apr 8, 2018

PRPG Episode 64: The Perils of Plummeting

Driven by a Fog Bank, They Took Refuge in a Port
To Find Deserted Streets and a Bloody Court...

This week the Party arrive at a seemingly deserted floating village...

Will Tensho manage to keep his head on straight?
Can Rivane Muster the courage to Venture outside her Cabin?
How will Belry’s New Followers Assist him this week?
Will Cap’n Ash Find the Magical Source?
Why is the unnamed Rogue’s Patience being tested?
Where will Andreadina find the Answers?
And Could Ora Outswim an Elf?

Also this week Belry Calls for a Ladder, Rivane meets some old friends and Tensho desires an Improvement.

So what Could be found here, Why is it so Quiet?
When all around is Broken & buckled, as if there had been a riot
Maybe the Answer Is Written, on the stone floor far below, Its Potentially quite Crippling
To hit it hard and Fast is not always best, but these are the Perils of Plummeting


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