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Penance RPG

Apr 29, 2018

An Island in Trouble, They Desperately Need Help!
For They Too Have Been Suckered in by that Vulpine Whelp

This week, a very small group are tasked to help an island in desperate need of answers..

Can Cap’n Ash Heal these people?
Will Tensho Inspire them to greatness?
And How Will the Nameless Rogue Find the Answers?
Have you seen their Elder?
Does the Villainy of Toby the Fox have no bounds?
And what do the people truly want?

A Group of Desperate people, Calling out in Need
They considered it their Heart's Desire, On This they all Agreed
For When offered a Magical Solution, the Potion they did Guzzle
Now they need the Party's Help, in Ep. 67: "the Pyramid Puzzle"

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