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Penance RPG

May 27, 2018

A Lurking Leviathan, A Chatty New Friend
How Will They Escape This Supposed Dead-end...

This week the Party Encounter a Feathered Friend & a Fearsome Seabeast

Will Fred finally be of use to Ora?
Will Andreadina Save Lobrena from a Hungry Belry?
Can The Nameless Rogue Figure out this New Feathery Accomplice?
What will Become of Tensho as he descends beneath the Waves?
Will Cap’n Ash Suffer the same Fate if she Follows him?

Also this week: Belry Writes an Employee Review, Tensho Sits on a Pun & Ora has an encounter with something Apparently More dangerous than a shark.


Editor's Note: Something Strange was going on with Andreadina's mic this week, I think she must have had the sensitivity turned right down as you can sometimes hear her scribbling, rattling pencils & generally making strange background noises, i did what i could and hopefully whats left isnt too Distracting.


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