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Penance RPG

Jun 30, 2018

Demonic Magic, Lizards and Snakes
A Solution Perhaps to many Previous Mistakes...

The End of Series 1!This week the Party Arrive at the Mysterious Island that Apparently Jayne has made her Home...

Will Jay Actually Talk to them?
Will Ora continue to Dazzle onlookers with his Cuteness?
How Will the unnamed Rogue Cope with a room full of Reptiles
What Will Tensho Discover About himself?
Will Mr. Bobbins have the Solution again?
Can Belry Truly Reach a amicable Agreement with Jayne?
And Will Cap'n Ash Leave it all behind....


Thank you for Listening Every Week, We Really Appreciate it and we hope you enjoy this temporary conclusion to the tale.


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If You Wish to sing along at the End of the Episode, here are the Lyrics

Around the world with Willy Fog:

Fog, I'm the one who made the bet
And I know we'll be exactly right on tiiiime

Fog is my name
and I could play with my life in many ways
That's what they saaayyy

Here I am - a Rigodon
I'm a Tico - d'mascota
It's my turn - the gentle touch
A Romy they love me so much

Hey! Now they story must go on
'Cause a lot of time has gone
We must be ready To go awaayyy

80 days around the world
We'll find a pot of gold
Just sitting where the rainbow's ending
Time - we'll fight against the time
And we'll fly on the white wings of the wind

80 days around the world
No we won't say a word
Before the ship is really back
Round, round, all around the world
Round, all around the world
Round, all around the world
Round, all around the world!