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Penance RPG

Aug 27, 2017

The scholars of magic; the greatest in the land...
Their inordinate bickering is getting out of hand....

This week, the party are drawn to an old academy by some dazzling, magical lights...

What awaits them within this place?
What happened to the mages who came before?
What is the purpose of the dark and mysterious fountain?
Who sent the obscure invitation?
And what exactly is a "Wizard Duel?"

Also: Rivane experiences the perils of Ghost Vision (tm), Andreadina changes her look and Belry discovers he is adept at a new skill...

Find out all of this and more as we draw back the curtain on one of the darkest secrets behind the wizard's power. We reveal this to you now as we continue Season 03 with Episode 33 - "The Tale Of The Wizard's Invitation!"


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