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Penance RPG

Jan 7, 2018

A fat dragonkin, lazy and bloated...
His half-orc slaves, to him, devoted...

This week the party continue to investigate the island they discovered, last episode.

What treasures are being sold off?
What price will the party pay?
Why are there so many guards?
How will Belry deal with news about his leg?
Can Tensho save the day?
Who will be the all-powerful being?

Also this week, Stilgar promotes high fashion, The Unnamed Rogue feels out of place & Rivane attempts to scam William & Gareth.

With auctions and mages, bartering is key,
For difference is something they all want to see.
But the arena calls, with lives to take;
Yet, in the end it is just - Deceit & Lemon Cake.



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