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Penance RPG

Jan 28, 2018

A Museum of sorts, Encased within Glass
A Collection That Few could ever Surpass

This week the Party awaken to find themselves lost on an island without their gear...

What will they use to defend themselves?
Will Belry’s Nemesis make a return?
How Will Stilgar Defeat such a foe?
How can they get past the gargoyle?
Why is all their gear behind the glass?
and who or what has done this...

Also this week – Stilgar plays a dramatic tune, Belry revives his “Bad Cop” Persona and a Wizard Duel occurs (WIZARD DUEL!)

Enormous Walls of Glass protect the shiny Things
With Shields and swords and Crowns of old, Taken from Fallen Kings
But how can they escape, This tomb where something ancient sleeps...
For this is a work of someone old... This is the Collector’s Keep..

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