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Penance RPG

Mar 25, 2018

A Scene of True Carnage, Of Duels Long Past,
With the Fear of Something Stalking them, How Long Will they Last?

This Week the Party Attempt to investigate a Small house on an island in the middle of nowhere...

Why does such a place seem so inviting?
Does the Peaceful exterior mask a Darker Magical Purpose?
What fate Befell those who had travelled here before?
And why did they Choose to come?

Also This week: Belry has a Weight Problem; Tensho Has a Size Problem And Ora Makes a New Friend.

So What Grizzly events does this house withhold?
A Resting Place for the Greedy, Rather than the Bold..
For Many things will hunt you, When you’re the Size of a Mouse..
But who strikes first in this week’s Tale - the Battle in the Big House


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