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Penance RPG

Apr 22, 2018

Something Called to them, From this Castle Beneath the Waves
But Was it Magic? Demons? Or Something Else Amongst the Graves...

This Week the Party investigate a Strange location – A Castle on an Island that has sunk under the Seas...

What Magic is Calling to Cap’n Ash, Will it be Her Downfall?
What Demonic Entity is Stalking the Unnamed Rogue?
Will Optimism be Enough to Keep Ora from Temptation?
Can Belry Unravel the Secrets, to what has undergone here?
And As Ever, Can Tensho be Useful when hes Needed?

Also this week: Ash Reads a Book, The Unnamed Rogue uses a Broom & Someone of Old Makes a Return.. of sorts..

A Delve Down Deep, Under the Dark Foreboding Sea,
For What We have here is indeed a Chilling Mystery,
There are no bodies here, or signs of some Resist
What Went down here is truly the Question, in The Tale of the Wedding Wishlist

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