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Penance RPG

Apr 3, 2018


Somewhere in the Distance, A Bell Tolls Hour Two... Here We Bring you the Second of Many.
They Have Escaped the House, Where they Hoped they’d be Safe... Yet...

As the Sun Rises Behind the Clouds, They Make for the Nearest Village.
Hungry and Confused, Maybe they will find some Answers there...


The Cast:
AJ As  "Ozmand"
Lexa As  "Rosie"
Belry As "Karen Lebowski"
Amy As  "Meghren"
Matt As "Tubbs Groundswell"

And Nikoli as your Storyteller.

We hope you Enjoy this New Venture.


Where Can i Find more from the Cast?
You Can Hear More From AJ at "Pretending With Dice"

Lexa at "The Dead horse Podcast"

Or Even More from Belry & Nikoli Right Here

Amy Can Be Found @am_quizitor  on Twitter
Matt is Also on Twitter at @EmJayEe

All Music Was Written & Performed by Daniel Boström



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