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Penance RPG

Sep 22, 2019

Welcome to Another One-shot concept for you all to enjoy!
This is one we created ourselves.
The players are cats who have accidentally been trapped inside a house and need to escape! 

if you would like to try this one-shot for yourself, details are up on our website (

Tonight's Players were:
Squid as...

Jul 27, 2019

Welcome to our third Champion of the World competition - a card game where our cast roll to select random animals and have to argue why they would be best at selected sporting events.


So come join Ash, Belry, Daniel and Squid as they attempt to convince each other of their own successful strategies as we play Champion...

Jul 20, 2019

Welcome to Crime Scene Investigation: Total Party Kill!

For this Pilot Episode Matt invited AJ, Amy and Lexa to be the Guinea Pigs, So we give them a scene, they get to ask questions about it before each guest in turn tell us all what really happened here.

From the Mind of Matt Everett (with some strange assistance by...

Jul 14, 2019

In a strange place, known as the Endless Realms, the boundaries and divisions between worlds grows thin. Many peoples and creatures here meld and create new ecosystems - but now a group of adventurers and mercenaries have appeared on Lumis, at the centre of these blendings. 

Yet here, they face many new dangers. New...

Jul 7, 2019

In early 2019, Amy's birthday saw a bizarre comedy rpg one-shot take place. This saw many transformations and transfigurations, using Rory's Story Cubes: Animalia, each player became an animal. The players then had an eclectic adventure travelling up from the dungeon cell...


Note: this episode contains many references...