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Penance RPG

May 19, 2018

This Week, We bring you a One-shot DM'd by Sherman from Endless Realms

(Mild Warning: This episode is tweeked slightly louder than usual, If you adjust to belry at the start it should be fine from there on)

The Cast:
Dragon as Kikuchi Chie, a Wandering Shrine Keeper
Belry as He'Talm II, an Almiren Dandy
Ash as...

Dec 30, 2017

A gathering of friends; A tale of suspense & tension..
Of sheep & shoes, LIVE from the Dragonmeet Convention.

This one shot episode of Penance RPG was recorded live on the evening of the December 2nd, 2017, at the Dragonmeet convention in London. This was Penance RPG's first ever convention spot as part of the Podcast...