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Penance RPG

Mar 6, 2019

To Break the Ice between the Cast of Penance RPG's New Series Abyss we got the Cast to play a few Rounds of "Champion of the wild"

So Come Join Dragon, Suzie, Freya, Wednesday and Tauno as they attempt to convince each other of their own successful strategies on how their Animal would indeed take home first...

Jan 8, 2019


The Second half of the final 2018 ramble session was a recording of the cast playing "Champion of the wild", A Card game about animals competing in Various Olympic events.

So Come Join Dragon, Belry, Daniel, AJ and Jon as they attempt to convince each other of their own successful strategies as we play Champion of the...

Dec 31, 2018

Before we begin - This isnt a RPG episode, its just us rambling about the past year, But its the End of 2018! So much has happened this year and we try to remember what we can!

Thank you to Everyone whos listened to us over the past year and helped us continue to grow.

Have a Great 2019 everyone!


And for those who are...

Dec 5, 2018

Recording in the Press Room at Dragonmeet 2018, We Bring you another Live one shot from the crazed Minds of Penance RPG

An Old Friend sends you a Letter inviting you to attend a gathering at his manor house... 

This Episode features Special Guest Appearances from:

Adam From RPG Kitchen

Phoebos From Hercules...

Sep 15, 2018

Twas the Night before Tabletop, and all through the flat
The Plot hooks were failing, But enough about that
We had Belry, Jon & Dragon and her friend named Greg
We had Norwegian Booze and beer by the Keg
So did we record the best thing you'll ever hear?
sadly... so, so sadly, Its nothing close i fear...
But you can...