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Penance RPG

Jan 28, 2018

A Museum of sorts, Encased within Glass
A Collection That Few could ever Surpass

This week the Party awaken to find themselves lost on an island without their gear...

What will they use to defend themselves?
Will Belry’s Nemesis make a return?
How Will Stilgar Defeat such a foe?
How can they get past the gargoyle?

Jan 21, 2018

A mysterious lady, Who Dabbles in Candles
How will She Respond to this Group of Vandals...

This week the Party come across a Strange Island and meet its even Stranger inhabitant...

What is the strangest thing about this island?
Who is this Strange woman who lives here?
Why does she want to help?
Will Tensho accept his...

Jan 14, 2018

Episode 52 – One Bad–Ass Chicken

A New Addition, a Scarred-faced Fowl
An Inner Sense of Rage With a Vicious Scowl..

This week the Party set out to finally Deal with Jayne and take down the island once and for all!

What lurks at the auction this week?
Where have all the guards gone?
Will they be able to save any of...

Jan 7, 2018

A fat dragonkin, lazy and bloated...
His half-orc slaves, to him, devoted...

This week the party continue to investigate the island they discovered, last episode.

What treasures are being sold off?
What price will the party pay?
Why are there so many guards?
How will Belry deal with news about his leg?
Can Tensho save...