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Penance RPG

Jun 25, 2017

This week, the party come across a large fire temple...

Also, Tensho embraces some curtains, Rivane follows her nose and Health & Safety concerns are raised about stairs. it is also worth noting that Dragon's microphone was broken this week so her responses were typed and then read by Graham.



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Jun 17, 2017

The party discover a tomb of an unknown origin...

Also... Ashriel learns a new vital spell, Rivane tries out her new powers and Belry attempts to improve his fashion status



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Jun 11, 2017

The party's journey takes them through some tainted lands, where they encounter strange goings-on and meet a bizarre individual...

Also... Ashriel finds some terrible poetry, Rivane gains a magical ability and the group find out if explaining how to ring a bell to a Pony will work as an effective early-warning...

Jun 1, 2017

The Party encounter many dangers as they continue their Journeys south..

Also... The Nameless Rogue crosses a river, Tensho is stalked by a strange old ferryman & Rivane creates a dramatic entrance...

This Episode is also special to us as it was after we recorded this Episode that we decided to clean and release the...