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Penance RPG

Feb 25, 2018

An Ancient Rivalry, settled on a Board
To Find a resting place for those put to the Sword....

This week the Party stumble upon a strange island of Light & Dark....


What Lurks behind the large metal gates of the docks?
Why is this beach so peaceful?
Why are there Men in Armour Arguing over the workload?
What do they...

Feb 18, 2018

A Tale of a Helm, a Figure and Some Trees
Hijinks and Horror Upon the High Seas

This week the Party find a lost boat with a strange cargo...

What lies aboard the strange boat?
Who is this strange man that’s heading towards the ship?
Why does he recognise Rivane?
How Will they attempt to unveil the truth?
And Where...

Feb 11, 2018

A Glass casket, With Mysteries inside
Where Will it Lead Them, this Faceless Guide.....

This week the Party find a mysterious object floating in the sea that leads them on a wild adventure!

What is the Mysterious Glass Object
How will they open it?
Where will it lead them?
What Dark fate has befallen Cap’n Ash?
Who is...

Feb 4, 2018

A Hole in the Sea, Where Smoke billows Out
What Lies beneath Little is Written about...

This week the Party come across an oddity in the sea....

Why is Cap’n Ash convinced its already a trap?
What can Belry craft out of sand?
Where do they go when they descend within?
What is the propulsional power of the “conjure...