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Penance RPG

Aug 29, 2018


The Final Part to the Discussion Episode with the Cast, This week Aj, Amy, Nikoli & Dragon Discuss their thoughts on Episodes 9-19. 

On Behalf of the Cast and Everyone at Penance RPG, Thank you for Listening and we hope you Enjoyed this Campaign.

This will contain SPOILERS for the original Curse of Strahd & Discuss...

Aug 26, 2018

So Nikoli Was away to a Music Festival, This Left Graham, Ben, Daniel and Jon in Charge of Recording Moar Animecast for you all!

Would you like to See More Animecast in the future? or maybe even submit anime to them for them to natter about, please tell us on Twitter

We Will be Putting a short list of all the Anime...

Aug 22, 2018

The First of the 2 part Finale of the Curse Extras as Nikoli, Dragon AJ, Amy & Matt discuss their thoughts on the first 8 Episodes of the Curse of Penance RPG

This will contain SPOILERS for the original Curse of Strahd & Discuss some of Nikoli's decisions for Adapting the story



The Cast:
AJ As  "Ozmand"
Lexa As ...

Aug 19, 2018

We Present to you Belry's first Written Adaptation,
The Call of Penance RPG - an Adaptation of Call of Cthulhu

This week the Party Awaken to Bizarre Surroundings.. Where have they been taken and how Can they Get Home?

We Must Stress at this point Belry's Attempts to Do any kind of Accent is sometimes Truly...

Aug 15, 2018

The Second of a Few Additional Pieces of Content from the Curse cast. 

This week is Literally Crafted from Everything Left on the Cutting Room floor. From Mic Check stories to tangents we cut from episodes themselves due to irrelevancy or time. 


This is Nearly 2 hours of sheer Nonsense taken from across all the...