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Penance RPG

Jul 25, 2018

the 18th Strike - The Bell Falls Silent

The Party have to overcome the Final Hurdle - Defeating Strahd Von Zarovich....

We hope you have Enjoyed our Adaptation of this Adventure.

to those interested this is the kickstarter they are gushing about at the end:


The Cast:
AJ As  "Ozmand"
Lexa As  "Rosie"
Belry As "Karen Lebowski"
Amy As  "Meghren"
Matt As "Tubbs Groundswell"

And Nikoli as your Storyteller.

Where Can i Find more from the Cast?
You Can Hear More From AJ at "Pretending With Dice"

Lexa at "The Dead horse Podcast"

Or Even More from Belry & Nikoli Right Here

Amy Can Be Found @am_quizitor  on Twitter
Matt is Also on Twitter at @EmJayEe

All Music Was Written & Performed by Daniel Boström


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